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Magazine "Science and Life"

"Science and Life" is a monthly popular science magazine. On the pages of the journal: news of science and technology, articles on history, biology, physics, chemistry, medicine, art criticism, science fiction stories and stories.

Journal "Nature" of RAS

"Nature" is a monthly natural science illustrated magazine of the Russian Academy of Sciences, founded in 1912. It was conceived by the doctor of zoology V.A. Wagner and professor of chemistry L.V. Pisarzhevsky "as the best means of combating prejudice, with the influence of scholasticism and metaphysics". This ideology "Nature" tries to adhere till this day, remaining a magazine for self-education in all modern sections of the natural sciences and the history of natural science. Authors of the articles are researchers, authoritative domestic and foreign scientists.

Magazine "The Arctic: Ecology and Economy"

The scientific and information-analytical magazine "The Arctic: Ecology and Economy" has been published since 2011. The magazine specializes in comprehensive coverage of problems of studying natural resources, socio-economic development and ensuring environmental safety of the Arctic.

Internet portal «Scientific Russia»

"Scientific Russia / Scientific Russia" is an international interactive telecommunication Internet portal dedicated to fundamental science, technology, innovation, culture and education. The portal represents the activities of the Russian scientific community: the latest news, research in all areas, outstanding discoveries, new names, publications, discussions, various events.

Museum of the World Ocean

Museum of the World Ocean is a technical, natural science, ethnographic museum, museum of maritime history. It is also the republican center of scientific research and work in the field of studying the history of exploration and the nature of the ocean.

Darwin Museum

The Darwin Museum is one of the largest museums in Moscow and the largest natural science museum in Europe. The museum's collection has about half a million exhibits. The exposition tells about the theory of evolution, the diversity of life on Earth, natural selection and the struggle for existence in nature. Contests, lectures and master classes are constantly held in the museum, the biokrug and art studio are open. Annually there are about 60 exhibitions.